Facilities Related Requests (including occupant comfort issues related to temperature & air quality)

  • Email facilities@langara.ca and your request will be directed to the appropriate facilities personnel
  • For urgent requests please dial "0" to reach Reception
  • After 4:30pm or on weekends, contact Security at 604-562-1011.

Engineering is on site Monday to Thursday until 8:00pm, Friday until 5:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm. During these hours, your issues would be attended to by on-site staff in a timely manner. Outside of these operating hours, after hours emergency contacts will be called to address the situation, some issues can be dealt with remotely.

Security will assess the urgency of the situation and determine whether after hours emergency facilities staff and engineering need to be called in. We ask you to please consider the urgency of after-hours requests, in particular when engineering is not on site; if there is a situation that can be addressed in the next regular work day, please email facilities@langara.ca and your request will be directed to the appropriate facilities personnel to be addressed as soon as possible.

Security, Safety or First Aid Emergencies on Campus

  • Call Emergency Line at local 4444 from any internal phone
  • Call 604-323-4444 from any phone
  • Use a yellow emergency call station located throughout most elevators and exits on campus

Non-Urgent Security & Safety Services on Campus

  • Campus Security, local 5270 from any internal phone or 604-562-1011 | facilities@langara.ca
  • For keys see Joanne VanDrunen, Parvin Saadatmand or Carmine Lee.

Energy Management Inquiries

Waste Management & Recycling Inquiries

  • Raymond Yeung, Acting Manager Facilities Services - local 5775 | ryeung@langara.ca

U-PASS BC / Parking / Event Set-Ups and Table Bookings

  • Raymond Yeung, Acting Manager Facilities Services - local 5775 | ryeung@langara.ca

External Room Bookings & College Directory Updates

Shipping & Receiving

Mail Services & General Office Supplies

Employee Newsletter – By The Way (BTW) Insertions

Display of Notices Advertisements and Posters on Campus

Management Inquiries